Lisette van Boxel

Real-life story

"It is incredible but true"

Being knocked down while skiing on a mountain and then spending months at home, desperate and in pain: that is the story of Lisette van Boxel from Uden. After a skiing accident in January 2011 she faced a year of recovery from a subcapital humerus fracture. The recovery was difficult and showed little progress. When the doctor told her that a shoulder prosthesis was the only solution, she took matters into her own hands. Successfully, thanks to the Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator.

Upon arrival in the hospital, it was immediately clear that the fracture was complicated. The upper arm bone turned out to be shattered. “They put a 15 centimetre plate in my arm. Right after surgery, the doctors told me that things would probably never get back to normal.” This was a shock to Lisette, who enjoys hockey, golf and ballet. Nobody could predict, however, just how difficult recovery would turn out to be. “I was in a lot of pain and the painkillers made me even sicker. My arm was practically useless and I had to spend an hour on the couch to recover after a visit to the physical therapist.”

No end in sight

Lisette van Boxel suffers a complicated upper arm fracture during her skiing holiday. Her recovery is difficult until the Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator is applied. “This device has saved me from a shoulder prosthesis!”

Seven months after surgery, she went back to the hospital for a check-up. The scan showed that there was no progression in the healing of the bone tissue. “The doctor told me that a shoulder prosthesis was a possible solution. That was the last thing I wanted and it made me desperate. I decided to look for a solution myself.” Lisette heard some positive noises about the Bone Growth Stimulator before and contacted Ossatec. She was quickly convinced and decided to give it a shot. The doctors in the hospital agreed with her choice.

Bone Growth Stimulator

Lisette wears the Bone Growth Stimulator around her arm for four months, eight to ten hours a day on average. Gradually, her arm grows stronger and she recovers from the pain of exertion faster. During a new check-up in January 2012, the doctor is able to confirm that the recovery process has progressed smoothly. The bone tissue has recovered and the fracture has healed properly. The doctor is surprised about the positive development in her recovery process.

Back on the slopes

Lisette herself is ecstatic. “I love the fact that I can do everything again. I’ve gone back to playing hockey and golf and I have even booked a skiing holiday.” She recommends the Bone Growth Stimulator to anyone who listens. “I believe as many people as possible should be told about this device. This can tremendously benefit people with a complicated fracture. The fact that your recovery can be virtually non-existent for seven months and that you can get back to the way you were in just four months after that is incredible, but true!”