Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator

Heals bone fractures up to 2 times faster

In the healing process of a fracture, everything revolves around bone growth. The Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator enhances this process by stimulating the production of new cells. Your fracture will heal considerably faster. That makes the Bone Growth Stimulator ideal for both new fractures and fractures that are healing slowly or improperly.

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De Botgroeistimulator wordt gebruikt om verschillende botbreuken te genezen

De Botgroeistimulator kan bijvoorbeeld comfortabel op de onderarm bevestigd worden

Voor diverse botbreuken biedt de Botgroeistimulator uitkomst

About Ossatec

Good health and time are the key issues for Ossatec. We are the market leader in bone growth stimulation: the healing of bone fractures with high-quality technology, often after a procedure or even without any operations. Additionally, we introduce innovative products for a proper and quick treatment of fractures.

At Ossatec, patient wellbeing is our number one priority. Comfort, a pleasant, quick healing process and limiting the risks are important aspects of this ideal. That is why, in addition to the Bone Growth Stimulator, our product range includes various products that support patients by enabling a comfortable recovery from a bone fracture.