Heleen van den Tol

Real-life story

"I finally have my life back"

Heleen van den Tol from Middelharnis suffered a nasty fracture to her lower leg when she fell from the stairs. The fracture was healing poorly, so that a bone transplant appeared to be the only solution. Heleen, who was a fanatical marathon runner before her fall, looked for an alternative and discovered the Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator. The treatment worked wonders for her. The best part is that Heleen has been able to start running again.

“Just a week after the fall, in February of 2010, the doctors discovered that the fracture was hardly healing. After an operation on 5 March I woke up with a pen and several screws in my lower leg and ankle. A month later the cast came off but I was still immobile. I used to be a fanatical runner, but now even a ten minute walk was too much for me. My ankle would swell up with the least bit of exercise. I was no longer able to switch gears in my car and everything was taxing for me. I had already given up running another marathon, but I refused to live life like a wooden puppet.”

Bone Growth Stimulator

"I had already given up running another marathon, but I refused to live life like a wooden puppet.”

“When the doctors told me they wanted to transplant the bone, I was shocked. Especially since such an operation is no cakewalk and it offers no guarantees. During my search for alternative solutions I discovered Ossatec. They had a way to stimulate bone recovery without a surgical procedure: the Bone Growth Stimulator.”

Noticeable effect

Heleen was given her Bone Growth Stimulator at the end of May 2011. From that moment on, she wore the device every night. “Early in July I noticed that my leg would not get as thick as it used to and I was able to move for longer periods of time. Later that month, I was able to walk five kilometres. In early 2012 the plate and the screws were removed and I have since begun running again. The Bone Growth Stimulator truly made a difference for me. I have my passion and my life back!”