Real-life stories

about the Bone Growth Stimulator

The success of the Bone Growth Stimulator in real life

Who better than the users of the Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator to tell you how this device works in real life? In this section, you will find real-life stories from both professional athletes and people without a background in professional sports. Let the excellent results these people achieved with the Bone Growth Stimulator convince you of its effectiveness.

“I will try anything that can help me heal”

Marianne Vos

Marianne Vos masters all forms of cycling like no other. Whether it concerns off-road cycling, track racing or a race on the road; the racing cyclist from Meeuwen has plenty of successes, titles and golden medals to demonstrate her skills. At the 2008 Olympic Games, she won a gold medal and the road race was to be the main event for her during the 2012 Games. Two months before the important match, Marianne Vos broke her collar bone. Partly due to the Bone Growth Stimulator she was back on her feet again quickly and ended up winning the gold medal!

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"Every day that can be taken off the healing process is one I’ll gladly take”

Niels Albert

The Belgian off-road cyclist Niels Albert is one of the biggest names in international cycling. He has many Superprestige and world cup victories to his name, as well as a national professional title. In his first year as a professional cyclist, he won the world title in the highest classification in February of 2009. Three years later, in Koksijde, he repeated the performance in front of his own countrymen and women. An unfortunate wrist fracture nearly prevented this success.

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"An Olympic medal is the only thing that matters"

Raymon van der Biezen

As a professional BMX racer, Raymon van der Biezen knows the dangers of his sport like no other. Due to the high speeds on the track, physical contact with other racers is always a danger. The road to the Olympic Games in London became a lot longer for the professional athlete from Heesch in October of 2011. During a race in Geneva he broke his wrist in six places. “You only get a few chances to qualify for the Olympic Games. An injury like that endangers your chance to win a medal.”

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"I was able to achieve another victory partly due to this device”

Jeffrey Herlings

Jeffrey Herlings has won just about anything a person can win in the world of motor sports. He was having a great year, until he took a big fall on 17 August and broke his collar bone. The season appeared to be over. The Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator allowed Jeffrey to recover remarkably quickly, however, so that he could appear at the starting line of the Grand Prix in Lierop just three weeks later. He won that event as well. “I would recommend this device to every professional athlete. I owe my title to it.”

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"I finally have my life back"

Heleen van den Tol

Heleen van den Tol from Middelharnis suffered a nasty fracture to her lower leg when she fell from the stairs. The fracture was healing poorly, so that a bone transplant appeared to be the only solution. Heleen, who was a fanatical marathon runner before her fall, looked for an alternative and discovered the Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator. The treatment worked wonders for her. The best part is that Heleen has been able to start running again.

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"It is incredible but true"

Lisette van Boxel

Being knocked down while skiing on a mountain and then spending months at home, desperate and in pain: that is the story of Lisette van Boxel from Uden. After a skiing accident in January 2011 she faced a year of recovery from a subcapital humerus fracture. The recovery was difficult and showed little progress. When the doctor told her that a shoulder prosthesis was the only solution, she took matters into her own hands. Successfully, thanks to the Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator.

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