Hanging sling

Optimal healing process and comfort for upper arm fractures

Ossatec Hanging sling

Quick healing process and optimal comfort

In case of a fracture of the upper arm, two things are vitally important: a quick healing process and optimal comfort. The Ossatec Hanging sling combines both into a single product.

Since the lower arm receives maximum support at the wrist, the upper arm is completely free. This clever design ensures that your arm is both relaxed and stable at the same time, which considerably stimulates the healing process. This is the ideal combination of optimal immobilisation and excellent comfort.

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Useful for

  • Fractures of the upper arm (midshaft, proximal and subcapital humerus fractures)
  • Shoulder injuries


  • Immobilises the shoulder and upper arm.
  • Alleviates the pain by being highly comfortable to wear
  • Comfortable for the wrist due to wide support structure

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