Bone Growth Stimulator

Stimulates the production of new cells

Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator

Stimulates the production of new cells

In the healing process of a fracture, everything revolves around bone growth. The Ossatec Bone Growth Stimulator enhances this process by stimulating the production of new cells, which will allow your fracture to heal considerably faster. This is perfect for when you want to get back on your feet quickly, but also if you want to prevent an operation. The Bone Growth Stimulator works on all kinds of fractures: from fresh or risky fractures to fractures that are healing slowly or not at all. The Bone Growth Stimulator is comfortable to wear and completely silent. It is also nearly invisible when worn underneath your regular clothing.

How does it work exactly?

Electrostimulation to enhance the healing process of bones was first used in the beginning of the 19th century. Fukada described in 1953 how mechanical stress on bones results in electric polarisation. Next, Fukada & Yasuda (1957); Basset & Becker (1962) and Friedenberg & Brighton (1966) demonstrated that osteogenesis can be influenced by electromagnetic waves. Read more

Useful for

  • All types of bone fractures
  • Fresh fractures
  • Fractures healing slowly or not at all
  • Fractures with an elevated risk
  • Supportive therapy after surgery on a fracture
  • Corrective osteotomy
  • Shin splints: inflammation of the tibia or medial tibial stress syndrome


  • Patient unit; this produces the electromagnetic signal
  • 9 volt power supply
  • Flat spool with Velcro, easily applicable to any fracture
  • Special double flat spool for bone growth stimulation on both sides of the fracture
  • Cylindrical spool for fractures in a cast is possible (available in 4 sizes)

More information

Would you like to know more about the Bone Growth Stimulator? Ask your questions to one of our specialists.

Application bone growth stimulator hospital

Specialists and plaster cast technicians can download the application form here. Send the completed form to We will contact you or process the application as soon as possible.

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