Ossa Octa

User-friendly finger splint

Ossa Octa

Protecting your injured finger

Ossa Octa's minimalist and open design makes for a particularly user-friendly finger splint which will allow you to go on undertaking nearly all your regular activities.

The Ossa Octa finger splint has three pressure points, stabilising your finger joint and keeping it in the right position.

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Useful for

  • Luxation of the phalanges (PIP's and DIP's)
  • Climbing finger
  • Trigger finger (also known as Spring finger)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bounonnieére deformity (also known as Swan finger or jammed finger)
  • Fractures


  • Light-weight plastic splint
  • Easy and hygenic in use
  • 14 different sizes
  • Adjustable as needed

More information

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  • Handwash
  • Hang dry
  • Not in the
    washing machine
  • Not in the
  • Do not iron